Pulling your hair out over “Democrats’ messaging”?

Because I’m an avid reader of comments to New York Times’ articles and op-ed columns, I repeatedly see one comment theme in particular: the Democrats don’t know how to message, don’t know how to get their agenda and successes out to voters. And how their incompetence at messaging will cause them to lose every election everywhere! and ! and !!!!

Yesterday, I responded to one guy who spewed dire warnings on precisely that theme. I told him to open an account on Twitter (it’s free) and follow Democratic politicians. Because that’s where the “messaging” is being delivered.

Every day, from every Democratic politician, I read how the legislative triumphs are being brought to their specific states. Indeed, every senator and a heap of House members (I follow a lot of ’em) tweet with pics or videos from state or town events where they’re talking to the voters about what’s going on.

Thing is, those of us who live in New York or other reliably Blue cities and states don’t see expensive TV campaign ads because the Democrats are not going to waste money selling themselves to us, their expensive media market constituency. (Although yesterday afternoon, I saw my Congressman Jerry Nadler in front of Fairway; some guy was video-ing him. Jerry was, uncharacteristically, wearing an eccentric and amusing pair of trousers. Maybe this will become a tweet or a TV ad.)

Twitter campaigning is as free for Democrats as it is free for us who follow them.

So, if you can’t detach yourself from that Evil Eye thing (OMG great things have happened! all is lost!), let me remind you of kenahorah and “poo poo poo”:

Kenahorah-Poo-Poo-Poo: a colloquial Jewish/Yiddish custom that we grew up with. Kenahorah is Yiddish for – keep the evil eye away. You can tempt the evil eye by saying positive or happy things. Poo Poo Poo – or “Poo Cubed”- simulates spitting three times to avoid the evil eye. You can also hold up the thumb and the pinkie while you are “poo”-ing.

But it’s so much easier to scroll through Twitter.

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