QAnon believes Trump will arrest all his deep-state enemies…

…today. December 5. Which they call D5.

I wouldn’t know about this if it weren’t for Twitter.

On Twitter, several people have noted this delusional expectation of the — what are they? a group? a cult? a mysterious dark force that has taken over the minds of some people? OK, I ran out of possible descriptions for QAnon. But do look at this Wikipedia link. It’s amusing in a This Country Harbors So Many Lunatics sort of way.

Whatever you call them, QAnon acolytes have been photographed gathering at buses (maybe in DC, not sure), waiting for today’s Big Event: after George H.W. Bush’s funeral, Donald Trump is going to arrest all his deep-state enemies.

Immediately — because my brain has a strong practical component — I started thinking, Is he going to do it personally? Trump wielding handcuffs, an image I have never considered. Trump in handcuffs, yes.

Because if he isn’t going to arrest his enemies personally, who is? Generally, I think that’d be the FBI. But Trump’s relationship with the FBI is…what’s the phrase? Mutually hostile, I think. So if Trump calls Christopher Wray, current FBI director, and says, “Hey, Chris, remember me? The guy who appointed you and owns you? Well, my base believes a round-up of my enemies is scheduled for D5…so let’s do it!”

Nyah. I don’t think so.

Maybe QAnon believes that they themselves — whoever those selves are, which is a problem with the Anon part of QAnon — have been called from on high to arrest the enemies.

Who knows?

I do not await this mass arrest with any anxiety.

And I’m now finished writing anything about it.

P.S. I lot of Trump’s enemies are at the funeral. Maybe as everyone is departing? Oh, stop. (That’s a message to me.) And I’d better leave this to get back on Twitter and find out who’s getting arrested, and by whom.

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