Radical defamation case: political candidate v GOP pols

Good for the judge! I don’t know how this will turn out, but the judge’s decision defies the commonly held idea that you can’t win a defamation case against public figures. (And drat! The New York Law Journal doesn’t name names in this abstract. UPDATE: see below.)

Lawsuit by Candidate Who Says Flyer Defamed Him Proceeds

Ben Bedell, New York Law Journal


Observing that “politics is too often a dirty business,” a judge has allowed a defamation claim to go to trial against a veteran Republican political consultant, a former GOP candidate for governor and a conservative radio talk show host.

UPDATE 4/28/2016. Here’s the caption. Eager or enterprising readers can now go into the New York State Supreme Court data base and read the complaint and this decision. I suspect the named defendant, “Stone,” is Roger Stone, but I can’t dig around for confirmation without saving this update first. So I will. And will come back if get more.

Redlich v. Stone, 109005/11

  • Supreme Court, New York County, IAS Part 23
  • 109005/11
  • Justice Richard Braun

UPDATE 2. Yes, the named defendant is Roger Stone.


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