Rah rah siss boom boo: Texas cheerleaders & bible

OK, I’m not surprised but my lack of surprise does not trump my disgust. Those dumbbell Texas high school cheerleaders won. A local judge handed them the right to use biblical verses in their football game routines. That’s in Kountze, Texas, in case you’re inspired to see this whole nonsense in action.

They were supported (accidental pun) in their endeavors by — you’ll be shocked! — Texas Governor Rick Perry and the Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott.

For now. No way will this decision stand up in a higher court. It better not or I’ll be down there in Texas offering alternative cheers. (Not really. I actually tried out for the New Rochelle High School cheerleading squad — whatever possessed me? — and did not make the grade. Great relief, because that’s one less life experience I have to be embarrassed about.)


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