Rally for the Affordable Care Act! This Sunday

My senator, Chuck Schumer, got to his constituents a few days ago, with an invitation to rally on behalf of Obamacare. (This was initiated by Bernie Sanders; I trust all Democratic Senators are doing the same.)

The link cleverly provides a zip code locator and I found the rally closest to me–actually a flash mob–appropriately at a Trump-named hotel at 60th and Central Park West, where, as it happens, I once worked for Paramount Pictures.

My office was on the 33rd floor, park side. If you come, you can pay homage to my office. (We don’t have to bow, or anything. Glancing up once will be fine.) It was small–very–but had a radiator cover that served me as a reading nook overlooking Central Park. I used to sit there reading scripts, etc., looking out of the window every once in a while to watch the park go through the seasons. Nice job, huh?

Back to important stuff: when I went back into the locator just now, I noticed that the location of at least one rally, initially situated at New York Presbyterian Hospital, is in the process of being changed. I’d guess it has to do with police permits.

In any case, double check before you head out. Or join the flash mob at 59th Street and Central Park West where we can all look up at my erstwhile office window: Paramount provided us with full health insurance.


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