‘Rap’ Stars, is the Daily News headline

Lawyer cries racism … Past busts exploited.

It’s all about American Idol, folks. And a potential lawsuit against it.

And it’s about a lawyer names James Freeman who has filed a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, “asking for permission to sue the show on behalf of nine humiliated African-American contestants — all of them male.”

See, his argument is that his clients were bounced from American Idol after the show discovered that they had arrest records, which they used “as an excuse to boot them off the show.”

That’s as far as I’m going in looking through this article. I never watched American Idol, never watch any of these “reality” shows that embed nasty, stupid bullying and humiliation into our already rotten ever-so-American values.

Still, it’s an incipient lawsuit and it gives you an idea about how the EEOC works. So read on. If you choose.

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