Rats in Housing Court! (No, not my defendants)

I just had a good morning in Housing Court. Doubly good. First, my defendants were fined once again for failing to get work done in the time they stipulated to, but this isn’t the most important news.

Which is: while waiting for a decision (the court was crowded with Sandy victims), I was reading the Daily News. Look what I found:

Not funny: Comedian brings bag full of dead rats into Manhattan courtroom to prove his building is infested – NY Daily News.

Yep, it was the very same Housing Court in which I was sitting, where the bag of bloody dead rats was opened up the previous day and to the following effect:

An officer hollered, “Do not let him pull anything out of his bag,” as observers bolted from the room…

An officer snatched the pungent evidence from Severino [he who had brought the bag of rats, as sort of evidence] and it was hauled out of the building.

“It was nasty,” said Elliot Betrances, a lawyer for Severino’s landlord, Riverside Community Management.

Yeah, Mr. Betrances, but not as nasty as living with the rats running around Mr. Severino’s apartment building, managed by your client.

Read the whole article. You’ll enjoy it. And here is the place to remind you that Housing Court has an impressively varied sociology. And a wicked sense of humor.

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