Re Putin, exquisite subtlety in a NYT editorial

The Times editorial board today, in their Sunday Review editorial which summarizes and analyzes Putin’s assault on Ukraine, “‘I Want Peace.’ Zelensky’s Heroic Resistance Is an Example for the World,” displayed in one paragraph why I love the Times.

Really, one sentence only, but the full paragraph is needed for context. The key sentence is the last one:

Mr. Putin is well aware that his support in the Russian public is brittle and could crumble if his lies are exposed. Already, thousands of Russians have been arrested for demonstrating against the war, and two leading liberal media outlets, Echo of Moscow and TV Rain, have been all but silenced. Weakening public support for Mr. Putin may not force him to retreat from Ukraine, but it could raise questions in his entourage about his future.

“…raise questions in his entourage about his future.”


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