“Real-life Gekko’s in ex-rated drama”

(Sometimes the Daily News headlines are so good I just quote them because I couldn’t have come up with anything better. Especially that “ex-rated.” Brilliant. So …)

Real-life Gekko’s in ex-rated drama

A supposed inspiration for Gordon Gekko is having money problems of his own.

Asher Edelman, a corporate raider-turned-art dealer, has been slapped with a big bucks lawsuit by his ex-wife, Regina, who says he’s nearly a decade behind in his payments to her.

In papers filed in Manhattan Supreme Court, Regina Edelman says her ex agreed to pay her over $800,000 when they split back in 2003. He still owes her $303,000 as of June 2008, the filing says.

Her suit seeks the rest of the cash – with nine years and eleven months worth of interest.

A lawyer for Regina declined comment. Edelman did not return a call for comment.

–Dareh Gregorian

(But she waited “nearly a decade” to demand the money? And take a look at all that interest — nine years and eleven months worth. I’m wondering how it’s calculated.)

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