Reality TV and Trump

In How I Learned The Facts of Life, I tell the story of why I watched one “reality” TV show, once, and what I thought about it. And still think about it.

Today, James Poniewozik, in the Times, considers the matter of Trump and his affection for reality TV: “ Trump’s Briefings, ‘The Apprentice’ and the Perils of the Second Season: President Trump seems to think there’s no such thing as too much of him on TV. He’s been wrong about that before.”

Here’s Poniewozik’s first sentence: “The pinnacle of Donald J. Trump’s TV career lasted one night, and he has never stopped trying to relive it.”

Yes, you’ll want to read the whole thing. Emotionally, it’ll give you a short break from reading about Trump’s camo-shirt Stormtroopers.



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