Reason to smile: The Twittler goes blank on this wall

Plenty of room to Obama’s left, too.Photo: Angela N.

Picked this up on Twitter, from New York magazine’s Grub Street feature. Brava! to Mama Ayesha:

Mama Ayesha’s painting features every POTUS since Eisenhower. But…

DC Restaurant Won’t Add Trump to Famous Presidential Mural

(As I began to type this little item, I felt a dribble of endorphins–and not only because of Mama Ayesha’s act of resistance. I really, really like typing “The Twittler,” rather than a rant of other things.)

UPDATE, from Harper’s Weekly Review. Do note how an authoritarian religious fundamentalist behaves when someone disses him:

A cafeteria manager in Turkey was detained after saying he would refuse to serve the country’s president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, a cup of tea.


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