“Rebecca” producers sue press agent

I’ve glanced at this story a few times, but it is so tangled up—maybe appropriate for a Broadway show about the great Daphne DuMaurier psychological mystery novel [I’ve got to re-read it]—I didn’t really pick up on it until a few days ago. When the Daily News had a tidbit:

B’way bigs: PR guy tanked play

The producers of the scandal-scarred Broadway musical “Rebecca” are blowing the whistle on the whistleblower who exposed the massive behind-the-scenes fraud at the show.

In papers filed in Manhattan Supreme Court, show producers Sprecher/Forlenza Production say it was the show’s own press agent, Marc Thibodeau, who scared off a deep-pocketed investor with anonymous emails about the “serious possibility of fraud” with the musical.

The warnings were spot on — stockbroker Mark Hotton and his wife were busted by the feds last fall on charges of creating phantom investors for the show so they could earn big finder fees.

Thibodeau’s lawyer, Jeffrey Lichtman, said if producer Ben Sprecher was looking for someone to blame, he should look in the mirror. —— Dareh Gregorian

Okay, so that last paragraph is really amusing. Let us give credit to Mr. Lichtman for lawyer wit.

So if you really want to follow who murdered “Rebecca” [I won’t give away the actual plot but if you don’t feel like re-reading the book, do rent the film version which is terrific, and has it’s own whistleblower so maybe there’s that Curse of the Too-Many-Whistleblowers on this show], here’s the New York Times article about it. ‘Rebecca’ Producers Sue Publicist Marc Thibodeau – NYTimes.com.

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