Removing the Trump name: an ongoing mini-saga

I must tell you about this because the building in this news is a couple of blocks from my home, and I pass it frequently when going to the supermarket. Which is also in one of the Trump Place buildings. Which occupy ten blocks right on the Hudson River, very desirable — but immediately adjacent to the West Side Highway, not so desirable (the constant noise).

I do recall when they were being constructed they infuriated residents of the older coops called Lincoln Towers since they usurped the river view.

Well, they’re not really the “Trump buildings,” as you’ll see if you glance through this short piece I just found in the West Side Rag, an online local news thingee.

One of the Trump boys is threatening to fight any removal of the name. Yeah, well.

Back even before the election (or maybe shortly afterward — I was in no fit state to pin down dates back then) — one of the condo boards voted to remove the Trump name because it was damaging their property values. There was a lovely photo of the brass sign coming down and mention that the doormen’s uniforms no longer bore the Trump name.



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