Rent stabilized tenants win in Housing Court

Another landlord-tenant case in NYC Housing Court, this one involving a rent-stabilized tenant who was awarded additional rent abatements because his landlord (1461 Amsterdam Avenue LLC: I’d suggest you not rent there) had failed to make necessary repairs (“rent-impairing condition,” in what I guess is legal language; I’d translate that as “wreck”):

1461 Amsterdam Avenue LLC v. Carrasquillo, L&T 59451/2015

  • Civil Court, New York County, Housing Part R
  • Judge Sabrina Kraus

Court Awards Rent-Stabilized Tenant Additional Abatements for Rent-Impairing Condition.

And another similar one, in which tenants were apparently threatened with eviction by a landlord who was judicially reprimanded: the apartment was rent stabilized and the tenants couldn’t be evicted. [That’s my non-legal interpretation of this. Maybe I’m wrong, but…the tenants won. I’m right about that, anyway.]

M&E Christopher LLC v. Godfrey, L&T 80419/2012

Premises Subject to Rent Stabilization; Tenants Granted Dismissal of Holdover Suit

I just noticed that New York State’s irresponsible and unresponsive legislature managed to extend rent stabilization laws, although with changes.

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