“Republicans Choose the Dark Ages Over the Enlightenment”

The invaluable Neil Buchanan, whom I mentioned with unusual emotion for me because of a previous article he wrote on how the Republican Party has become sociopathic, continues and expands upon this theme in:  Republicans Choose the Dark Ages Over the Enlightenment: | Neil H. Buchanan | Verdict | Legal Analysis and Commentary from Justia.

In a way, this article links to my previous post today, which is about the Dark Ages that religions — and, in Buchanan’s analysis, the Republican Party — cling ferociously to, and how human beings, via their endogenous curiosity, inevitably move out of ignorance and into knowledge, despite all efforts to restrain them.

It’s brilliant. Again, Buchanan applies language and reason to the profound distress of so many of us rational Americans.

I argue that the Republicans are actually engaged in their cruel agenda because they reject hundreds of years of moral and intellectual progress, a set of ideas generally referred to as “the Enlightenment.”  – See more at: http://verdict.justia.com/2013/07/25/republicans-choose-the-dark-ages-over-the-enlightenment#sthash.4a8Vpu1X.dpuf



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