Return of the celebsuit!

For a while now I have eschewed posting any stuff about celeb lawsuits. Why? It’s boring. For me, anyway. I wish I could summon up sympathy for some of the plaintiffs but it’s hard, really hard. Not to prejudice their cases but…some of them seem so dumb.

Now I don’t expect people who act as parts of the entourage of celebrities to be really smart. Who with a brain would take a job like this?

Still, I’ve been cheating you all out of whatever kicks anybody can get from knowing that Courtney Love has been sued by some guy who worshiped her (mistake one) and made concert things for sale but, hey, you know.

An artist claims Courtney Love owes him thousands of dollars for designing her tour merchandise.

Source: Artist says Courtney Love owes him for sale of concert items – NY Daily News

Nice little pun in the Daily News sub-headline:

Artist claims Courtney Loves owes him thousands after share of concert items went down the hole

Get it? Did you get it? And see if you can count the number of lawsuits mentioned in the above piece.

Additionally (I’m going to lump the celebsuits together, just because), here’s one against someone named Robbie Williams. I know Robbie Williams must be a celeb because both of these items (the Courtney Love one and this one) appeared…ON THE SAME GOSSIP PAGE OF THE DAILY NEWS!!

Who is Robbie Williams? I have no idea. Actually this lawsuit has a bit of a lime twist, because the plaintiff, Williams’s ex personal assistant, isn’t complaining about Williams’s behavior; he’s complaining about Williams’s wife’s behavior and the whole thing involves…sexual harassment. And just when you thought it would be about underpaying and overworking.

Singer Robbie Williams and his wife Ayda Field are reportedly being sued for sexual harassment.

Source: Robbie Williams, wife sued for sexual harassment – NY Daily News

For the record: if I don’t know who Robbie Williams is, you can be sure I’ve never heard of his wife, Ayda Field.


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