Revenge pornster gets socked in the teeth

I’ve read a number of similar creepy stories: man, furious that his girlfriend broke up with him, started posting sexual photos and videos of her.

One of those stories was reported in the Times (date), when the girlfriend, called Jane Doe in the complaint, sued her ex, for damn good reason: he’d made her life hell.

Today, the Times follows up with the outcome of that lawsuit:

Shortly after a California woman and her boyfriend ended their relationship in 2013, he began to post sexual photographs and videos of her on pornography websites and to impersonate her in online dating forums, according to court documents. He threatened to make her life “so miserable she would want to kill herself.”

Strangers sent her explicit texts and emails. Some said they were on their way to her home. She began to fear for her life.

In 2014, the woman, who was listed as Jane Doe in court documents to protect her identity, sued her former boyfriend, David K. Elam II, in United States District Court in California to get him to stop. Four years passed, until the court awarded her $6.4 million on April 4, in one of the biggest judgments ever in a so-called revenge porn case.

It’s a doubly satisfying conclusion. Not only did Jane Doe get $6.4 million, her ex’s name is published fully. Bam bam, David Elam.

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