Rhetorical question: have Britons gone nuts (along with us)?

From Harper’s Weekly Review:

Item one:

In the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson, a wealthy, New York City–born former journalist with dyed blond hair who is currently divorcing his second wife, was sworn in as the country’s newest prime minister. In his first speech to Parliament in his new role, Johnson, who has previously described gay men as “tank-topped bumboys” and women wearing burkas as “looking like letter boxes,” called for a “radical rewriting of our immigration system” and pledged that he would be “making this country the greatest place on earth.”

Item two:

An all-day “patriotic party” held on a 3,700-passenger British cruise ship as it was returning to Southampton from Bergen, Norway, culminated in a brawl at the ship’s buffet, where passengers threw plates and furniture at one another after one person attended dressed like a clown.


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