Roberts backs down from his dark money disclosure delay and…

this means the decision made by Judge Beryl Howell that dark money PACs have to disclose their donors will stand.

I was totally taken aback when I saw CREW calmly stating their big win on this on Twitter. I kept reading it again and again, because I couldn’t understand how, a few days after Roberts signed the delay (which was described by SCOTUSBlog as “for the foreseeable future”), it’s now All-Go.

Seems like the “foreseeable future” was a couple of days. Great victory for CREW and, really, for all of us. And dare I interpret this as a humiliating rebuke to Roberts? Or maybe I’m always looking for a humiliating rebuke to Roberts.

As some lawyer on Twitter suggested, Roberts must have gone to his full court, looked at the Kavanaugh hearing mess (and Kavanaugh, even if put on the court, could not weigh in on this case) and figured his court would go 4-4 on this, which would throw it back to the Appellate Court which OK’d Judge Howell’s original decision.

I really should try not to get too overexcited but…could this be the first crack in the door of Citizens United?

Was that too excited?

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