Ron Johnson, America’s very own Quisling*

I don’t know if you saw the cringe-worthy video of what a bunch of us on Twitter are now calling the #Kremlinboys, i.e., the seven GOP senators and one GOP congresswoman who made the bizarre decision to celebrate America’s Independence Day in Moscow, kowtowing to Russian power guys.

Most repulsive for me was watching Wisconsin’s Senator Ron Johnson, who offered a quavery smile, extended hand and a little bow to Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov. He radiated Neville Chamberlain, except dumber, more conciliatory.

And then he returned to the United States to announce  his view that our concerns about Russian meddling in our election are “overblown.”

So I want to remind everyone: Wisconsin was attack-central for the 2016 elections. And not only did Trump eke out a mere 10,000 vote edge, Russ Feingold was going to win the senatorial election by a healthy margin, right up until the election.

Here’s the chart I compiled from 538’s poll aggregation:

As of date         Russ Feingold %      Ron Johnson %

8/25                    54.8                             42.3

10/9                      52.6                                44.8

10/12                    51.7                                 45.6

11/7                     50.7                             47.0

At that time I assumed — knew, really, but without absolute proof — that the Koch Bros’ dark money must have poured that last two months into the state they thought they owned, and they bought that election for Johnson.

But now that we’re learning about the money the Russians put into our elections via — at minimum — the NRA, and watching and listening to Ron Johnson and his counter-factual opinions about Russian meddling, I don’t think it’s too crazy to wonder how big a piece of Johnson the Russians own.

Poor Ron Johnson! No wonder he was kowtowing and looking so nervously obeisant. Half of him is owned by the Koch Bros and the other half by the Russians.

Nothing left over for his constituents in Wisconsin.



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