Rowling sues leaker: she’s “angry and distressed”?

No sympathy. None. What is wrong with this woman? She thinks she’s queen? She calls this a “fundamental betrayal of trust”????

From Publisher’s Lunch:

Not only was JK Rowling “very angry” with the attorney Chris Gossage at Russells, who leaked her secret writing identity, but she apparently sued both Gossage and his wife’s best friend Judith Callegari, whose ill-considered tweet unmasked “Robert Galbraith.” A statement read by Rowling’s new attorney in a UK High Court indicated she “was angry and distressed that her confidences had been betrayed and this was very much aggravated by repeated speculation that the leak had, in fact, been a carefully co-ordinated publicity stunt by her, her agent and her publishers designed to increase sales.” Plus, “The claimant has been left dismayed and distressed by such a fundamental betrayal of trust.”

The court appearance was to confirm a settlement of the charges, in which Russells will pay “substantial damages” — which Rowling will donate to The Soldiers’ Charity — and will also reimburse the new attorneys’ costs. Once again, the defendants “apologize[d] publicly” in court, presumably with fewer qualifications than their previous “unreserved” apology (which came with reservations). Best of all, the court proceedings were held before The Honorable Mr Justice Tugendhat (aka Sir Michael George Tugendhat), England and Wales’s senior media judge (yes, we are still a 12-year-old at heart).

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