Roy Moore sues Sacha Baron Cohen for maybe defamation

From 538 Significant Digits:

$95 million lawsuit

Roy Moore, a Republican who ran in and lost a Senate election in Alabama, is suing Sacha Baron Cohen — aka Ali G aka Borat aka Brüno et al. — and Showtime for nearly $100 million. Moore appeared on Baron Cohen’s Showtime show “Who Is America?” and was scanned with a “pedophile detector.” It beeped, causing Moore to end the interview. [Variety]

Prediction: this lawsuit will be summarily dismissed. In maybe, I dunno, five months. Maybe a little longer. I dunno. But summarily dismissed, yes.

Question: why do people go on shows like this? Nothing against Sacha Baron Cohen, but a sneer at his victims. To some people, I guess, any attention is better than no attention.

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