“Royal whine in prince’s wine biz suit”

I’m a little disappointed in this headline from today’s Daily News. The “royal whine” part is good, but I would not have written “wine” subsequently. Too many of the same sounds. And not really necessary, since the “whine” word did double duty.

But that’s not the most significant aspect of this juicy little story.

What is? Well, “In papers filed in Manhattan Supreme Court, Persian Prince Kamran Abbas-Vahid says in 2011 and 2012 Charles Moreau tapped money from their company Lions Wines for rent on his Financial District apartment, clothing, cable bills and even the tuition for his daughter’s day care—practically anything but their business.”

“He would pay for his personal expenses but would not pay for business expenses like the rent, the storage, the phone bills, employees, [and] taxes,” Lion Wines’ general manager Alex Herringshaw said in an affidavit.

Now, why does this lawsuit sound so familiar to me? Do you think it reminds me of any of the causes of action in my lawsuit against the Skush-O’Briens? Because are you figuring that a businessman can’t charge his personal expenses to the corporation? Especially if he fails to pay the maintenance, the taxes, the Con Ed bills, the water board bills? Et cetera?

You do? Aren’t you smart!


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