Sad news/good news about our free local press

From 538 Significant Digits:

232 years

Pittsburgh no longer has a daily print newspaper — it’s now the largest American city with that dubious distinction. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, which has existed for 232 years, just cut its print edition from seven to five days a week. [The Incline]

Subscribe to your local paper. Mine, the Daily News, costs me less than $3 a month for a digital subscription. Yes, Tronc, the new owners, have eliminated far too many things I loved — gossip columns, good sports columnists (with whom I often disagreed but hey) — but they still give me stories about what’s going on in New York City.

Just now, as I googled “Trump + paper tariffs,” I learned that his tariffs on Canadian paper were overturned by the International Trade Commission. 

Good news for local papers who still put out hard copies and sell them on newsstands.


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