Sam Wang dissects the gerrymander in four compelling points

Is gerrymandering an arcane subject of little interest to most people?

Well, not me, of course. Indeed, lately, I’ve been spending time looking at gubernatorial races, ever since I pinned my hopes on the Wisconsin SCOTUS case called Gill v Whitford, and read the non-decision decision with what has become my usual burst when reading the nefarious SCOTUS Five’s output (“You fuckers!”)

Also a whole heap of New York Times readers are paying avid attention in their literate and erudite comments on the state of America, which almost always include the curse word,”gerrymander.”

So here is the best, clearest, easiest to read and digest, not too long, and most hopeful discussion of what’s happening in the Wonderful World of the Gerrymander from Sam Wang, in American Prospect.

Gill Schmill. All is not lost.

States’ rights!

Sam Wang!

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