Scandalous sexual harassment lawsuit withdrawn

Well, this follow-up to that big sex scandal-Hollywood news is somewhat deflating. For the plaintiff, that is.

The complaint against David Neuman was withdrawn because, as the Times reports:

LOS ANGELES — Michael Egan, the accuser in a series of Hollywood sex-abuse lawsuits, has dropped his complaint against David Neuman, a former Disney television executive.

A voluntary motion to dismiss came as lawyers for Mr. Neuman and for three defendants in similar but separate suits fiercely contested Mr. Egan’s assertions that he had been drugged and raped by them years ago in Hawaii. They pointed to his own earlier testimony in yet another case that he had not visited Hawaii in the period covered by his complaint.

You see, that’s a problem.

Which leads me to say, probably not for the first time, if you’re a plaintiff in a good case, don’t lie. Don’t exaggerate, embellish, make up stuff. You will get caught.

And although Mr. Egan’s lawyer have protected him insofar as the are allowed to refile the case later − presumably if and when they get this little problem about facts straightened out − this doesn’t look good for Mr. Egan.

It means that if his accusations are accurate, he’s just landed himself in an unnecessary heap of trouble proving them.

Michael Egan Withdraws His Complaint Against David Neuman, an Ex-Disney Executive –

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