Scores strip club sues cardiologist over unpaid $135T bill

This is SO Daily News, isn’t it? ‘This guy is insatiable’: Cardiologist who ‘spent $135,000’ at strip club was partying with up to five women at a time: source  – NY Daily News.

A heart doctor who racked up a $135,000 bill at a West Side strip club spent most of his loot on the ladies, a source said Wednesday.

Zyad Younan, a cardiologist at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, was partying with up to five dancers at a time during the visits he now denies making, a senior source at Scores New York told the Daily News.

“He had five girls at a time. This guy is insatiable. I can’t even count to five,” the source said.

Methinks the “source” would have been doing better not to add that last comment. So where’s the lawsuit, you ask?

The W. 28th Street pleasure palace filed suit against Younan earlier this week, seeking to force him to pay up on the $135,303 he allegedly charged at the club during four visits to the storied strip club in November.

But of course it can’t end there. The doctor gets a chance to respond. And how did he respond?

Younan, 41, denied making the charges on his American Express card, saying he was either drugged or not even at the club on the nights in question.

Good answer.

And the UPDATE (Yes, I saw this, too): So apparently that pretty unbelievable “I was drugged” excuse was believable. And true: Stripper crime ring drugged customers, rang up $190,000 in charges on credit cards: authorities – NY Daily News.

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