SCOTUS and “The Latest Frivolous Attack on Obamacare”

I’m glad for Paul Krugman’s clarity, sanity and humanism in this NYT column The Latest Frivolous Attack on Obamacare –

Because I’ve been reading the disingenuously knotty arguments from “liberatarian” legal scholars (tell you, guys, if you are truly “legal scholars” you’d be ashamed to drape the dopey “libertarian” banner over your shoulders).

Fie upon ye, Eugene Volokh, et alii. “Liberarianism” is not a philosophy, not a scholarly position and is paper thin on the surface. So I do understand why you are deviously compelled to muss up your arguments to convince yourselves you’re being profound and logical and important.

But, then, I’m a smart person who knows how to read. You are the serfs of corporate oligarchs. The only “liberty” you’re interested in is theirs. “Liberty” from supplying health care to their employees! “Liberty” from regulations that will protect the environment so that the rest of us − who do vote, by the way − can breathe the air and not drown in the floods from melting Arctic ice!

Those guys want “liberty” to buy politicians in elections and all you are doing, you so-called “libertarians,” are lugging their pseudo-legal water barrels.

Seems to be my day to say shame on you.

And I’m waiting for the neo-liberal upheaval from you water carriers. I’m expecting a mea culpa revelation similar to the one that hit David Brock post-Reagan, and Thomas Frank mid-Bush and John Dean after Nixon.

Of course, if you Libos keep going long enough to alter our country’s fundamentals as miserably as the Reagan thing did (we’re still in a hangover state, with all sorts of brainwashed voters screaming, “Lower my taxes!!”), I won’t applaud when you come forward wearing hemp shirts to apologize.

Better make it pretty quick, Libos, if you want me to take you seriously.


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