SCOTUS nominee wants me to think he’s a good fellow?

OK, OK–I spend far too much time during the day checking Twitter to see what’s popping in our ongoing Horror show.

Throughout the day, I also check the New York Times site…well, often. Let’s leave it at “often.” As for Twitter, I’m trying very hard to use it with method, a sort of method I’ve invented to justify the hours I spend scrolling up and down and in my lady’s chamber.

Here’s my method: I follow 299 people, almost all of them respected journalists and legal experts, with the occasional satirist thrown in for momentary relief or chuckles.

When someone I follow tweets something in my areas of knowledge, I retweet, sometimes with comments. When I read a tweet I really approve of but don’t know that much about, I plant a little red heart next to it. For what it’s worth. (What it’s worth is: it makes me feel better to have liked an interesting opinion or solid fact that taught me something.)

And THEN I go again to the New York Times to see if they’ve run the full story.

Here’s the full story I’m currently concerned about:

Mr. Trump escalated his feud with the courts over his travel ban, saying the judges had failed to grasp concepts even “a bad high school student would understand.”

Source: Supreme Court Nominee Calls Trump’s Attacks on Judiciary ‘Demoralizing’ – The New York Times

Oh, goody! So Gorsuch, this guy with extreme right wing views, this guy who has been nominated to fill the SCOTUS seat which should have been occupied by Judge Merrick Garland nine months ago, is being sort of praised on Twitter because he–ooh ooh–said something critical about Donald Trump’s ignorant and crazy criticism of the judicial branch.


Here’s my comment on the above Times story:

If Gorsuch had true integrity, instead of behind-closed-doors demurrals about Trump’s comments he would refuse to accept the nomination, rather than have his reputation and character tarred forever by association with his patron, a man so ignorant about our government he trashes our judiciary.

The reason I’m posting is because I’m tired of commenting about Gorsuch one tweet or one Times story at a time. So here’s the entire thing:

If Gorsuch had any integrity as a judge, he would not have accepted Trump’s nomination in the first place. Can you imagine forever being labeled as Trump’s Judge? That’s not a label; that’s a stigma.

If Gorsuch had real integrity, he would have turned down the nomination, stating clearly it was because a highly respected judge, Merrick Garland, has been treated immorally by the Republican Senate.

If Gorsuch had real integrity, he would not now be making the rounds of senators, selling his case for the seat on the Supreme Court–a position which will punish for at least a generation a solid majority of us Americans who do not support Gorsuch’s political lean…or Trump’s insanity.

If Gorsuch had any integrity, instead of allowing a spokesman to report that he, Gorsuch, found Trump’s remarks “demoralizing” and “disheartening,” he would announce himself that he can’t in any conscience accept a nomination from a man who exhibited such ignorance and contempt for the branch of government in which he, Gorsuch, serves.

Who could accept any nomination from Trump? Well, we know, don’t we. All of his perverse Cabinet nominations.

Enough of that. I’ve said what I’ve been tweeting on Twitter for a week or so now. I don’t have to do it any more.

Maybe. Unless something even worse happens.

I’m trusting the Democratic senators will not allow Gorsuch to be confirmed.

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