“…security breach in your iCloud account…”

Why am I posting this? I’m not actually asking you; I’m asking myself.

Well, I got five telephone messages in a row–five–in which an automated woman’s voice (automated in the sense that it sounded robotic, as if each word had been recorded separately and then linked to the previous word), announced to me:

“We. Have. Detected. A. Security.Breach.In.Your.Icloud.account. Before.using.any.of.your.Apple.devices. call.an.Apple.adviser.”

Or some such.

Thing is: I don’t have any Apple devices and know nothing about the iCloud, i.e., I don’t use any cloud.

So why are they calling me?

Is this similar to a call I got from “Microsoft” the other night? During which someone definitely not named “Steve”–although that’s what he called himself–told me Microsoft had detected security breaches and they wanted to help me to clear them. And all they needed to do was to check my license number to see if I was OK or not OK and then…

“Gee,” I said, “You mean Microsoft is calling me personally to warn me about something or other?” I copied down his info, let the call continue as long as it amused me, and then said goodbye.

Anyway, I’m thinking there are some pretty incompetent frauds hitting the internet waves lately so am passing on my experience, if it helps.

(I’d like to say, “Hey, kids, let’s boycott Microsoft and Apple,” but, well, you know. Impossible.)

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