Seniors “expressed excitement” over a liquor license

From West Side Rag:

Sunrise Senior Living, an operator of retirement homes and other housing for senior citizens, runs hundreds of facilities across the nation and in Canada. They are currently constructing another at 2330 Broadway (between 84th and 85th) and plan on opening in the first half of 2023. As they do at their other locations, they hope to provide dining services, including beer and wine, for residents and guests. There is already another location in Manhattan at 139 East 56th Street. After a few members expressed excitement, the request was approved.

I’m not sure what age qualifies someone as a “senior.” I do know what a “senior” is when buying a movie ticket or getting a half-price Metrocard. But how old does a senior have to be to get excited about his/her assisted living facility acquiring a liquor license?

Wait, let’s review this again with my bolding: “After a few members expressed excitement…”?

Only a few?

I have a “few” questions. First, am I old enough to qualify as a senior who gets to ask or be asked these questions? Second, I have a mental image of some youngish person with a smart phone, a/k/a clipboard running around the facility asking the question but getting answered only by “seniors” who still retain their mental faculties and know what booze is. Is this what happened?




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