“Separation of Church, State and Taxpayer Money”

Thanks to Lawyers.com, you get a video with this story. Which, of course, infuriates me. New Jersey is planning to give money to religious schools for some reason or other, while civil rights organizations quite properly are trying to block Jersey from using taxpayer money for the purpose.

And then there’s Hobby Lobby, a “Christian” business:

Hobby Lobby, with its 550 stores will not have to pay daily fines for failing to comply with the Affordable Care Act. The arts and craft chain had been fined for refusing to provide birth control coverage to its 13,000 employees. The family, who owns the Oklahoma-based company, claims providing contraception violates their Christian beliefs. A Denver appellate court ruled that the company had a right to challenge the law on religious grounds. A trial court will hold further hearings.

A bit of good news on the separation of church, state and our taxpayer money, though, is:

Finally, a San Diego judge ruled a yoga class for children in the Encinitas Union School District is not the exercise of religion.

Oh, yes. You didn’t know about this? Well, for now at least you don’t have to.


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