Serious mishegas. No, really

I am not of the opinion that people are getting crazier. But, from Harper’s Weekly Review:

A South Korean man rammed his car into a grocery store after being refused a plastic bag.

“I did the worst thing out of the best motivation,” a Chinese man who stabbed his son to death with a samurai sword in an attempt to make him study harder reportedly told police.

A revival service that had lasted for 11 days at a small Christian college in Kentucky was interrupted by the school’s president, and a pastor in Mozambique died after attempting to re-create Jesus’s 40-day fast.

In Wisconsin, a woman accused of murder and dismemberment attacked her lawyer during a hearing after he asked for extra time to review her competency.

“I apologize for the fact that I finally blew my top, but I also ask for a certain understanding at least for the reasons why this happened,” said a German ballet director after smearing dog feces in the face of a critic who described his show as like being “alternately driven mad and killed by boredom.”

A Michigan man flooded his neighbors’ properties by blowing up a beaver dam, and an Indiana resident set his 1998 Buick on fire in hopes of deterring theft. “I hoped the explosions would be bigger,” he said.

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