Seven words about Trump (with an exclamation point)

Yesterday I was foraging in the West Village, my old neighborhood, which I must do every three weeks or so. (I now live on the Upper West Side and no, I do not miss the WV: I’m 10 minutes away on the IRT express.)

Why must I forage in the WV? Because there are a few edibles to which I am devoted but can’t find on the UWS. Here’s my shopping list:

  • fresh roasted and ground coffee at Porto Rico;
  • chocolates at Li-Lac; and
  • Cabot Greek-Style Yoghurt (plain), the best yoghurt I’ve ever had and inexplicably not sold on the Upper West Side except at D’Agostino’s, which is great except that my nearest D’Ag is one mile south or north (really, Citarella, you need to get on board with this yoghurt, and Fairway, you sell ten thousand types of yoghurt and none of them is Cabot Greek-Style).

So, after I did my Bleecker Street stroll and picked up the coffee and chocolates, I headed to the nearby WV D’Ag by walking along Hudson Street.

Where I saw a new restaurant called The Bespoke Kitchen (615-1/2 Hudson).

Outside on the sidewalk was a small blackboard, advising about drink hours and whatever, but what caused me to stop in my tracks was this hand-scrawled notice:

“Drink today as if Trump wins tomorrow!”

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