“Sex Suit to Cost Her 12G”

Honestly, I’m not reporting this sleazy, cross-dressing, Playboy model and Oscar De La Hoya sex-venture just because it’s … well, whatever you think it is.

Here’s the gist. A “model” named Angelica Marie Cecora sued (or tried to sue) Oscar De La Hoya for assault.

The judge, Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Paul Wooten, thought differently:

When Wooten sent Cecora’s suit down for the count in April, he ripped her and Evans [her lawyer] for filing a “frivolous” lawsuit.

The judge also ruled that the allegations against De La Hoya were “completely without merit in law and were undertaken primarily to harass or maliciously injure” the boxer.

“Ms. Cecora is shellshocked, depressed, disheartened and very, very concerned about that the case was not only dismissed but now she has to pay for bringing her claim,” the lawyer said.

She’s “shellshocked”??? I just threw in that last Daily News paragraph (Barbara Ross and Corky Siemaszko shared the writing credit) because it’s so damn funny, isn’t it? But also because…

The “model” has to pay De La Hoya’s $12,000 legal bill and her lawyer himself has to cough up $2,384.40 to De La Hoya’s lawyer.

So while anybody can sue anybody at any time for anything, if the Suing Anybody has no case and is thrown out of court, that Suing Anybody will have to pay the Anybody Who Is Sued’s legal bills.

There are some people I know who should pay careful attention. And should be checking their wallets to see that they have the wherewithal to pay someone else’s legal bills — bills that are almost ten times higher than De La Hoya’s, and rising.


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