Sexual harassment in show biz: Gretchen Carlson

I find myself in the odd position of having some empathy for Gretchen Carlson, in her lawsuit against Roger Ailes and Fox News.

Thing is, I’ve lately been gathering all the tales of my own sexual harassment when I worked in the film business. Although Carlson was far higher and far more visible in the show biz hierarchy than I was, her experiences have certainly been similar to mine.

So here are two articles about Carlson’s lawsuit:

Facing a gender discrimination suit against its chairman, Fox is being swept by societal forces that are defying old behaviors long abetted by silence.

Source: Gretchen Carlson Suit Against Fox News Head Forces Network to Face Changing Mores – The New York Times

And this, from Brian Stelter at CNN Money–which I picked up today from Publisher’s Marketplace:

Lawyers for former Fox News host Gretchen Carlson are firing back after Fox News CEO Roger Ailes responded to the sexual harassment lawsuit Carlson filed against him by hitting out against her.

Source: Carlson attorneys to Ailes: talk under oath about sexual harassment allegation – Jul. 7, 2016


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