Shark attacks woman, woman sues shark. Actually….

..she sued the “professional shark feeder” who guided her downward to shark territory.

Kevin Underhill has this case nailed solid, in his Lowering the Bar. I particular like the “Shark-Attack Lawsuit Raises Interesting Questions, Like What Were You Doing in the Ocean to Begin With

Did I ever tell you I once caught a shark? Yep, in a small putt-putt off Cape Cod. Indeed, right off the very beach where we–my large family–all swam.

My Uncle Saul wasn’t particular happy because, once the shark’s rather distinctive snout emerged from the ocean depths (at least 12 feet) and stared at me, Uncle Saul, my brother and two cousins, Uncle Saul said, “Damn kid!” or some such because he had to cut the line, and it was the line of his favorite deep sea fishing rod. The one I was using.

P.S. We all ran into the house and I said, “Mom, I caught a shark!” And she said, “Yeah, right,” and refused to believe me until my cousin Bobby said, “No, really, Aunt Es–she caught a shark!”

We didn’t eat it for dinner, mainly because Uncle Saul cut the line before I tried to wrangle it into the boat, yamma yamma yamma. (I’m kidding. No way was I wrangling it into the boat–although it was not bigger than the boat and I’d better confess right here: it was a sand shark. Still, it was 3 feet long. Nowadays, I read news about how the Cape Cod seas have become quite a feeding ground for sharks that are much bigger than my shark. Maybe one of them is my shark, grown up.)

However, this below is not only a shark story. It is also a lawsuit story and every once in a while I recall that Sidebar is supposed to be covering the legal news. But mostly I sort of forget. Because there’s so much more going on in life.)

Anyhow, he-e-e-re’s Kevin!

Assorted Stupidity #96

Oct 23, 2016 06:16 am | Kevin

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Okay, having tromped around Hadrian’s Wall for a few days (I’m told it was in much better shape 1900 years ago), now I’m going up to Scotland to see the people it was supposed to keep out. Now that I’ve got internet access again, it turns out dumb things are still happening.

Courthouse News Service reported the other day that the lawsuit filed by a free-diving photographer who was injured by a shark (see “Shark-Attack Lawsuit Raises Interesting Questions, Like What Were You Doing in the Ocean to Begin With,” (Aug. 10, 2016)) has been settled. As usual, no details have been disclosed, though it seems fair to assume that the actual tortfeasor here didn’t have to contribute at all. This is typical shark conduct.

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