She keeps a zoo on her NYC balcony

An Upper West Side woman who keeps multiple animals in her apartment has “irrational” behavior with balcony repairmen, court papers charge.

Source: NYC woman ‘irrational’ with apartment balcony repairmen – NY Daily News

Here’s how the Daily News story begins:

An Upper West Side woman who keeps a chinchilla, three cats, three caged rats, and a cocker spaniel in her high-rise studio apartment has been a real animal with workers trying to repair her balcony, court papers charge.

In papers filed in Manhattan Supreme Court, lawyers for Maya Goretsky’s landlord said she’s been engaged in “irrational” behavior for the past two months, ever since workmen repairing balconies put up plastic sheeting to seal apartments from dust and debris as they repoint brick, replace balcony railings and repair deteriorating concrete on the terraces.

And oh does it go on! To this, among other choice paragraphs:

Lawyers for the landlord were in Manhattan Supreme Court on Wednesday asking for an order barring Goretsky from interfering with the workers.

“It’s fairly unbelievable in and of itself that she has a chinchilla in the apartment, but she said she needed to break out to the terrace to give it air,” Metz told Justice Debra James.

You will want to read this, just in case you were worrying about a dearth of the, um, eccentric characters for which New York is known. And are living next door to you.

P.S. The judge who presides in this wacky case presided over my co-op lawsuit. Which wasn’t half as crazy. I don’t know whether to commiserate with Judge James or congratulate her. (Don’t Supreme Court judges yearn for cases like this?)

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