Should I mention this…about toilet paper?

Oh well, I did that title so…

The other day I was doing my staples shopping. Among my regular items are, of course, tissue paper and toilet paper.

As I was musing upon the variety of toilet papers, I noticed a new type on the shelf. I don’t think I’m delusional but there was an individual roll of TP that was made out of…bamboo.

I think it also said “recycled” but the “bamboo” identification might have caused me to mis-read the rest. And I didn’t read the price, either.

Now, I have been told by at least one friend, who was once confronted by a menacing and fast-expanding bamboo curtain her neighbor had planted between the two properties, that bamboo is hardly as exotic as it sounds. In fact, it’s kind of weed-like in its voracious growth capacity. And it grows very very high and very thick.

So now I’m wondering: who is harvesting bamboo and turning it into toilet paper?


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