Should we care about the sex lives of politicians?

Recently I read a couple of tweets (from respectable sources, mind you) stating that Trump was/is bragging he had secret intelligence about Macron’s sex life.

I’ve been thinking about political sex lives for a few years now and am weary.

I don’t care about their sex lives. Not whether they have sex lives or what sort of sex lives they have. Don’t care.

There’s a great deal I care about when I consider whom I will vote for, but sex lives are nowhere among my criteria.

Don’t care about private lives. Don’t care about adulterous pols. I feel bad for the spouses and children but that’s about it. It is highly unlikely adultery will affect my vote unless some gratuitous cruelty or intrinsic stupidity is involved.

Yes, I’m still furious at Cal Cunningham’s flirtatious/adulterous relationship, not because he had one but because he was dopey enough to sext or text or whatever he did just as he was a strong Democratic senatorial candidate from NC, a state the Ds only infrequently win, and was winning up until his sext life became a thing and then he lost.

Bad judgment, bad timing.

Some things many women seem to care about but I don’t:

⇒ Office flirtations, in which an occasional sexual invitation is dropped. If I can laugh and say no without fear of repercussions, I’m okay with it. (The only times I’ve known an office without flirtations, I was working for girls’ or women’s magazines.)

⇒ Incompetent office passes. Once, an elderly film producer chased me around my desk. Got that? My desk. My office was small; he failed to catch me. I said to him, “Do you understand what sort of cliché this is? You’re chasing me around a desk?!?” (Fella was not in a position to affect my job.)

⇒ Pats on the shoulder and occasional hugs. Comfort and congratulations are easier to come by when some neutral physical connection is part of them.

Here are some things I do care about, especially if they are connected to a politician:

Physical and psychological abuse of a partner. That’s criminal, not a sex life.

Physical assault of a subordinate, or anybody really. That’s criminal, not a sex life.

⇓ Sexual exploitation of children. That’s criminal, not a sex life.

⇓ Exposing your privates in public settings. That’s criminal, not a sex life.

If it’s a criminal act, it isn’t a sex life.

If you’re a criminal, I’m not voting for you.

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