Show me the money! They did: I got my settlement check. 10

I’ll bet you won’t believe it but … this morning FedEx delivered my settlement check. Yes.

And in the cover letter with the check, Dinkes (by William Hamel) actually did something right: they corrected my math in my last letter to them.

I had calculated that since the insurance company paid Medicare, the subsequent split between Dinkes and me started with the amount the insurance company delivered. But Dinkes said, quite rightly, that since Medicare was paid out of my share, the split would be calculated on the $30,000 gross, not on the amount sent by the insurance company.

And Dinkes also, quite correctly, sent the final Office of Court Administration Closing Statement.

I took the check immediately to my bank. (What did you expect? That I’d let it sit on my desk gathering soot?)

So. I broke a bone in my foot on January 25, 2008. I received my settlement on September 25, 2012. The gross settlement was $30,000. My check came to $18,867.95.

It’s done. And now I get to do a post mortem, reviewing everything that happened and didn’t happen, and coming to some conclusions.


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