Sickening wrongful termination lawsuit in the making

I should develop a new Sidebar category called This Story Drives Me Nuts. I guarantee this story will drive you nuts, too: Daily Kos: 70-year-old great-grandmother fired for helping free an innocent man.

The first paragraph gives you a lot of info:


Gavel and stacks of money.

No money, no justice.

A man trying to get DNA testing to exonerate himself from rape had been turned down twice, until a court employee pointed him to the precedent under which he could get the DNA test approved. Testing showed that Robert Nelson did not commit the rape he’d been convicted of—but Sharon Snyder was fired for helping him.

It would have been more informative had the Daily Kos given a dateline for the story. Where did this happen? Kansas City — they did give the link to the Kansas City Star story. And, not “by the way” at all, Mr. Nelson was in prison for three decades. Thirty years in prison for something he did not do.

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