Who should sue? The lawsuit of the decade

She’s done it. Shirley Sherrod filed a lawsuit against Andrew Breitbart, for libel and slander. I am so happy. Here’s the court link —Court Cases Online. I wasn’t able to read the complaint; maybe the court system hasn’t scanned it in yet.

MediaMatters* is as good a place to read the announcement as any. What am I saying? It’s the best place to read about it:  Sherrod Statement on Breitbart Lawsuit | Media Matters for America.

*MediaMatters is a not-for-profit investigative organization that calls all media to account for specific sleazy and dishonest reporting, day after day after day. Their site is www.mediamatters.org. It’s noble, although you might want to take an antacid before you check in for a horrified read.

In fact, I’m sticking it into my blogroll.

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