Who should sue? Not really a lawsuit of the week but still…

I’m sure devoted readers/real estate obsessives saw this in the February 12, 2011 New York Times: Suit Over Brooklyn Condo’s Size Claims Deception – NYTimes.com.

I dunno. Here I sit, in 320 worthless square feet, dominated by a Board of Directors who are bizarre and crooked, we owe three years of real estate tax, the building could come down any second…and here’s a guy suing because he feels he paid for 109 more square feet than he got.

OK. It’s a lawsuit. I guess. But I keep having a You-Tube sort of mental image of him, crawling suspiciously around on his knees with a long tape measure or even one of those electronic beam things. Why didn’t he do this before he bought the apartment?

Not to prejudice his case, but I’m not going to be an expert witness for him.

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