Silicon Valley money man wants to destroy Teachers Union

Fight Over Effective Teachers Shifts to Courtroom –

What a disgusting display this lawsuit is! A Silicon Valley gazillionaire named David F. Welch financed, i.e., used selected school kids as pawns, a lawsuit against Teachers Union tenures in California.

An appalling case for many reasons, not the least of which is that it is huge money interests, often from Silicon Valley, that have decided in their great wisdom that public schools and their (unionized) teachers are doing damage to education in the U.S. And that teacher tenure protects hundreds of thousands of bad teachers.

Better they should be using their money to go after the platinum and diamond-studded parachutes that are, in effect, tenure for destructive multi-gazillionaires like themselves. That, I’m sure, they do have expertise in.

But what do these horrifyingly rich men, without a shred of practical or theoretical knowledge about elemental education, do? They support “charter schools,” a lot of which are created by profit-making corporations. And one of the ways these charter schools can make money is by … not hiring unionized teachers, thus putting the education of our children in the hands of the teachers’ supervisors. Who are, let me remind you, corporate shills.

I’ve never understand why people who have made a vast amount of money (and is it possible that they attended private schools?) feel that they have expertise in all sorts of fields — politics and education, primarily — when their proven expertise is … what exactly? Developing glitchy technological tools and monopolies? (I’m talking to you, Bill Gates.) The expertise is mostly in making a vast amount of money.

Which they apparently believe gives them the overweening authority not only to criticize politicians but condemn them by accusing them of Nazi ideology, and to determine that public school education is wrecking public school education in the U.S. and should be diminished to the level of public school education in, say, England.

I cannot condemn these monsters enough. And rounding up plaintiffs-schoolkids, who, along with their parents, could not possibly understand the dynamics here, is as low as you can get.

UPDATE 3/17/14. Maybe I should be proud I picked up on the dangers of this lawsuit early in February but it’s infuriating enough so that I am not proud. I’m just awfully glad someone else, in this case DailyKos, noticed how badly this thing smells of big money and anti-unionism: Vergara v. California: The most dangerous lawsuit you probably haven’t heard of. (Only one thing I note: DailyKos says that the evil leader of this cabal is John Welch. It isn’t. It’s a guy named David Welch. Maybe he’s related in genes and attitude.


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