Yesterday’s sleazy, so-much-icky-fun lawsuit

Shouldn’t I be above reporting on these gossipy weird-sexual-behavior-of-rich-people lawsuits?

Maybe, but I’m not. I enjoy them too much and I’m sure you will, too. Why? Because they give us a break from really serious stuff.

I mean, yeah, the poor guy involved here, who “took a job as a maid — not a half-naked, man-on-man masseuse [sic —  should be “masseur”],” maybe suffered certain pain and humiliation. But his suffering did not prevent him from whipping out “his cellphone to make an audio recording of the session.” [What? What did you think I was going to write after “whipping out”? What dirty minds you have, my dears!]

Here’s the whole story, courtesy Barbara Ross and the Daily News: Queens housekeeper says his Manhattan boss wanted his back rubbed — not his pots scrubbed   – NY Daily News. I sure hope Barbara has as much fun writing these stories as I have reading them.

Here’s the Daily News’s actual headline: I’M RUBBER…And you’re eww! sez massage suit vs. mogul.”

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