Smile! You’re on the witness stand…in a lawsuit

The first two paragraphs by the New York Times’s Campbell Robertson are goodies:

Guntersville, Ala. — In the middle of the enduring conflict between liberty and public welfare stands Joyce Osborn Wilson and her teeth-whitening business.

After 26 years of running The Hairport, Ms. Wilson, who now lives in this pretty lakeside town in northern Alabama, invented a whitening system called BriteWhite and began selling it to other salons and spas. It was all smiles for a year or so.

So then what happened? Just like any mystery, you want to found out who dunnit it, don’t you? And you definitely want to see the picture of Joyce Osborn Wilson “displaying her teeth-whitening kit…” where you will sort of wonder at why her mouth and lower jaw (bright smile, now!) are glowing blue.

So … Clash Over Who Is Allowed to Whiten Your Smile –

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