So depositionally ready-to-eat!

I’m going to brag briefly today, because I am feeling several steps avant garde.

Last week I confessed to overeating during depositions for Fein v. The Skush-O’Briens. And I praised a chain food shop called Pret à Manger for selling fresh and delicious half-sandwiches (enough for an adult woman) and for having the most cheerful cashier people in the city.

I didn’t blame Pret à Manger for the whole sandwiches I bought, nor the cold sweet lemonade, nor the potato chips, all of which I ate.

So take a look at the New York Times business section piece on Pret à Manger Pret A Manger, With New Fast-Food Ideas, Gains a Foothold in United States –

I learned that this is a British chain, that the food is indeed freshly made at the shop where you buy it, that they give any leftovers to food banks at the end of the day, and that they proudly support their staff in cheerfulness.

Next set of depositions, I will be eating via Pret but with a little planned self-control. Maybe. Although splurging once in a while on potato chips isn’t going to kill anyone.

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