So many lawsuits in one day!

I was so stunned by yesterday’s Daily News — the lawsuits! the filthy rich guy gossip! the unwittingly created semi-illegitimate child! — that I just didn’t post anything yesterday about it.

Gotta catch up. First, there’s the front page headline story, “Cowell gets pal’s wife pregnant,” and of course buried in that juicy tale is a lawsuit, the divorce between “pal” and “pal’s wife.” Simon Cowell blindsided by news he’s expecting first child with close friend’s wife Lauren Silverman: ‘He didn’t have a clue’ – NY Daily News. (“He assumed she was using birth control,” a source close to Cowell said. “He is feeling tricked.”)

Then we’ve got former state Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno in the news, because our AG Eric Schneiderman is suing on behalf of us citizens Bruno’s daughter, Susan, because she was paid for state work she (allegedly) never performed: Susan Bruno, daughter of Joseph Bruno, being sued by the state for $1 million in damages – NY Daily News. (PS, she’s awaiting trial on federal bribery charges, too.)

Take a look at the who is this actress being sued for a lot of money by a former agent story: ‘The Americans’ actress Alison Wright sued for $1.5 million by former agent  – NY Daily News. (Have you heard of Alison Wright? I haven’t.)

We can’t let a day go by without a classy museum executive (I mean the museum is classy, not the executive) being sued for being really unclassy with a female employee: Rubin Museum of Art worker says museum director sexually harassed her – NY Daily News.

And of course we must have the cop suing the NYPD to get his job back after his wife shot him with his service gun and he lied to investigators and said that he shot himself: Ex-cop shot by wife suing NYPD for job back  – NY Daily News.

The one story I’ll give you in its entirety, though, was tucked away at the bottom of a page. It deserves a bit more attention than that:

Maid has lot at ‘steak’ in suit

The owner of Uncle Jack’s Steakhouse is being sued by his former housekeeper, who charges he cheated her out of wages for cleaning his posh Long Island homes.

Ana Jiminez claims she was paid only $400 to $500 in cash despite working 70 hours a week for William (Willie Degel) and his wife, according to the suit filed in Brooklyn Federal Court.

Degel, who stars in the Food Network show ‘Restaurant Stakeout,” recently settled a lawsuit filed in Manhattan Federal Court by 13 employees of his restaurants who said they weren’t paid overtime wages. — John Marzulli.

A serial cheat.



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