So unfair of me to suggest this is an example of what goes on in WV

Or to bring this up whenever we converse with Joe Manchin, but.

Picked this one up from Kevin Underhill (LoweringTheBar). It’s…something, as well as being an absolutely factual legal and illegal story:

The assistant prosecutor in McDowell County, West Virginia, says this case is the “craziest” his office has ever seen, and I sure hope that’s true. Because this one involved a woman who conspired with her father and sister to kill her boyfriend, apparently so she would be free to marry her father, although they didn’t need to kill the boyfriend to do that and it’s illegal anyway, and after they killed and buried the boyfriend they went back a few days later to dig him up and put a stake through his heart, for reasons that were not explained but presumably involved vampirism and/or crystal meth, and then later the woman and her father got married and moved to Ohio. Not that there’s anything wrong with moving to Ohio, necessarily, but they did do that.

Since they’ve moved to Ohio, I guess they’re no longer considered Joe Manchin’s constituents.

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